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Official After Party of Josephine Baker Pantheon Induction

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Cabaret Diversity Network held an event in the center of Paris to celebrate Josephine Baker's induction into the Pantheon on November 30th, 2021.

The organizers offered one free drink called the "Black Pearl" to all guests plus had door prizes, games, and displayed famous posters from French Cabaret theaters. At the top of each hour a screen would drop down and play the CDN Pop-up Performance in front of the Pantheon from May 2021. The guests would cheer and raise their glass to the triumph of the day.

Signed posters from the Summer edition of Planet Paris Montemarte Magazine were given out as prizes while VIP guests from the Casino de Paris began to arrive for the official after-party vibes. Shanice Alyona Sloan and her entourage of artists, activists, and singers dropped by. The cast of Paradis Latin brought the party vibes to the gathering. Close friends of the CDN co-founders and many supports from the Lido de Paris, Crazy Horse, and Moulin Rouge showed face late into the night.


Cabaret Diversity Network thanks our supporters and sponsors.

Visit Junkyard in St. Germain for an excellent night out!

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