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Events: Pro Gallery

Our Events & Collaborations

Cabaret Diversity Network hold events throughout the year to build community engagement and awareness both inside and outside the cabaret world. The Events create a space for diversity, inclusion, and humanity to develop. 

Events range from:
Themed Parties
Book Signings

Public Speaking

Panel Discussions

Costume Displays
Private Galas

Corporate Events

Fashion Shows
Award Show

Launch Parties
Pop-Up Activism

To Book Cabaret Diversity For Your Next Event, Inquire to Services Or Contact Us.

Client 2

E-Barely There

Show Underwear

Client 3


Event Productions

Client 5

Gala Lebedev


Client 6

Fanny Darase

Hair Stylist

Client 8

American Club of Paris

Luncheon at Cercle L'Interalliee

Client 2

Mona Bismark Center

Arts & Culture Center

Client 3

Americans Abroad, Paris Chapter

Josephine Baker Gala

Client 5

The Junkyard Paris

Event Host

Client 6

Brian Bagely

Josephine Impersonator & Private Collector

Client 4

Laurent Kupferman

French Writer

Client 1

Brian Baker

Son of Josephine Baker

Client 7


Bahar Seyedin & Hossein Borojeni

Client 8

Planet Paris Montmarte Magazine


Events: Clients
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